Did you just return home from a long-term trip abroad or are you planning to do so in the near future? Are you having mixed feelings about your return home? Do you smile at the thought of seeing your friends and family again but start to tear up when you think of living behind this life that you’ve started abroad?

If you answered “Yes” to anyone of the above questions, then we’ve got the solution for you!

The Ultimate Guide for Homeward Bound Travelers

The Ultimate Guide for Homeward Bound Travelers

This comprehensive booklet includes information on steps you should take immediately upon your return home as well as provides advice for ways you can go abroad in the future.

This ebook includes the following:

  • Advice from Clinical Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Law on how to cope with reverse culture shock
  • Tips and Tidbits from other travelers on making the adjustment easier
  • Career advice from a Fortune 500 Human Resources Executive Vice President, Tom Traub, on how to promote international experiences during the job hunt
  • In-depth advice on future international opportunities, including teaching and volunteering abroad
  • Links to helpful articles and websites
  • So much more…

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What exactly is covered in each Chapter?

Chapter 1 – Reverse Culture Shock
  • What is it? – signs that you may be experiencing reverse culture shock.
  • Emotional Support – advice from Clinical Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Law on how to get the emotional support you need after returning home.
  • Practical Advice – suggestions about what you can do to reduce the anxiety and sadness surrounding reverse culture shock, including tips from other travelers.
Chapter 2 – What to do NOW
  • Make a Difference Today – recommendations for how you can help out in your community and start using your international experience in a positive way.
  • Logistics – advice on the initial steps you should take upon your return home, including finding a home base and clearing up any debt or loans.
  • Career Advice – resume, cover letter and interview advice from a Fortune 500 Human Resources Vice President about how to promote your international experiences during your career search.
    *Includes a Worksheet to help you determine how to position your international experiences in your cover letter!
Chapter 3 – Future Travel Opportunities
  • Teaching English Abroad – get information and links to various teaching resources, including information on whether you need a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certification.
  • Peace Corps – a former Peace Corps volunteer offers information on what it’s like to live in a foreigner country for two years and the steps you need to take to do so.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – from building homes to caring for animals, we offer information on how to find the right volunteer opportunity based on your interests.

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